Ian Stewart - composer musician


Soprano saxophone : piano
(4 minutes 40 seconds)

First recording:
Kyle Horch - Soprano saxophone
Pavel Timofejevsky - Piano

First live performance:
12 July, 2012
St. Alfege Church, Greenwich
London - England
Victoria Puttock - saxophone
Steven Neugarten - piano


Kyle Horch and Pavel Timofeyevsky

Programme Notes:
The inspiration for this work is the cult alternative and ambient/dream pop music that I listened to in the early 1980's. The style is reflective and bucolic, with long, soaring melodies, often accompanied by simple open fifth harmonies.
"Mornwards, for soprano saxophone and piano, is the next selection. It is an excellent composition with broad sweeping themes that carry your imagination up and away on melodies with wings."
Paul Wagner - Saxophone Journal - May/June 2011