Ian Stewart - composer musician

R.A.S. In Sloane Street

Bass saxophone : piano
(11 minutes 15 seconds)

The first performance: Sunday, 12 April 2015

Andreas van Zoelen - bass saxophone
Martien Maas - piano

R.A.S. In Sloane Street

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Programme notes:
The title has two elements. When I worked in a Continental band playing electric keyboards, I used to walk up Sloane Street, which was near where I lived, to the dinner dance restaurant we played in. On the way I used to think about how to combine new wave music with the European jazz I was writing at the time.
The other element - R.A.S. - is a reference to Robert (Alexander) Schumann. I am often influenced by Schumann's melodic themes and style; in this work I have also used Schumann-esque piano writing in some sections. Also the beginning of the work seems to suggest the inner city and Sloane Street is in Central London, joining Chelsea and Knightsbridge.