Ian Stewart - composer musician

Sinfonia for Violin and Organ

Violin : Organ
(9 minutes)

First performance:
22 September, 2013
Església de Sant Corneli
Collbató - Catalunya

Guillem Calvo - violin
Izumi Kando - organ

Sinfonia - Adagio

Izumi Kando and Guillem Calvo (live recording)

Sinfonia - Musette

Izumi Kando and Guillem Calvo (live recording)

This work was written for Izumi Kando - organ, and Guillem Calvo - violin, for a performance in Església de Sant Corneli, Collbató.
This work came about when Guillem Calvo suggested I take the Adagio from my Concerto Grosso 1, which featured a prominent violin solo, transcribe it for violin and organ, and then add a second (and final) movement to make a new work for this concert in Collbató.