Ian Stewart - composer musician

Slant rhymes

C Melody Saxophone or Tenor Saxophone : Organ
(10 minutes 30 seconds)

First Performance:
7 January, 2011
St. Peter's Church
Notting Hill, London

Kyle Horch - tenor saxophone
Peter Yarde Martin - organ

Slant Rhymes

Kyle Horch and Peter Yarde Martin (live recording)

Performance notes:
The organ part is notated on two staves and can be played on manuals only or with pedals if desired. The organ sound is inspired by the organs used in early 19th century New England and the organist should emulate this sound.

Programme notes:
This work was written after I started reading the complete poems of Emily Dickinson, the title of course refers to the type of rhyme often used by Dickinson.
However there are other references. I was fascinated by how one of the greatest American poets just took over the simple metres of the hymns she heard in her local church, at a time when American poets were using more literary poetic forms. The melody of the hymn section uses the basic Watts hymn metre of 8 6 8 6 (which Dickinson herself used).
It is certain that Dickinson knew the hymn Amazing Graze and some of her poems can be sung to that hymn. In a section about three quarters of the way through (where the saxophone plays over a low pedal note) the florid theme integrates the notes from Amazing Grace. However it is so deeply hidden that it is not recognisable, other than perhaps shaping the contour of the saxophone melody.