Ian Stewart - composer musician

Sonata Da Chiesa

Organ : violin
(19 minutes)

First Performance:
2 May, 2010
Església de Collbató, Collbató

Izumi Kando - organ
Guillem Calvo - violin
First broadcast
15 December 2010
Catalunya Música

Sonata Da Chiesa

Izumi Kando and Guillem Calvo (live recording)

Original Programme Notes :
This work was composed for a performance in the church in Collbató which has a modern Catalonian organ (1979), built by Blancafort, whose workshop is only a few hundred metres from the church.
The organ has two manuals and pedalboard, and a characteristic trompeta de batalla with horizontal pipes. This work is in one movement but loosely follows the traditional slow - fast - slow -fast form usually associated with the Sonata Da Chiesa.