Ian Stewart


San Gejtanu

Soprano saxophone, 6 violins and 2 violas
(21 minutes)

First Performance: 5th December, 2008
St. John's Notting Hill, London

Kyle Horch with the Altissimo Ensemble :
Soprano saxophone - Kyle Horch
Violins - Guillem Calvo Martínez de Albéniz, Helena Massip i Pinatella, Eri Konii, Louisa Knapp, Sílvia Crusellas, Claudio Forcada
Violas - Mona Kodama, Juan Drown

Original Programme Notes:
The parish of San Gejtanu is in Hamrun, Malta, an area I knew well when I played trombone in the San Gejtanu town band. Returning to Malta earlier this year (2008) reminded me of the music that was played on feast days and I that listened to when living there, the emphasis being on strong melodic themes and rhythmic accompaniment. The second movement is the most obviously Mediterranean, with long minor key melodies played over a drone, contrasting with sections of bright triadic harmony.
The work is in four movements and again a 60's influence is apparent in some sections. It is scored for soprano saxophone, 6 violins and 2 violas.
I composed this piece to feature the playing of Kyle Horch, the saxophone being a prominent instrument in Maltese town bands.