Ian Stewart



Mezzo soprano saxophone : Soprano saxophone : Alto saxophone : Bass saxophone
(9 minutes)

First performance - 21 June, 2012
Harmonie St. Caecilia Blerick
Venlo - The Netherlands

Hard Edge Group Saxofoonkwartet:
Miriam Dirr - soprano saxophone
Leo van Oostrom - mezzo-soprano saxophone
Volker Ax - alto saxophone
Andreas van Zoelen - bass saxophone

Programme notes:
Whenever I have the opportunity, I write for the more unusual saxophones. Canzona was composed to feature the mezzo-soprano saxophone, an instrument that has a beautiful tone and is not heard very often - only a few hundred instruments were made. In this work it is featured alongside the alto and soprano saxophones and a bass saxophone, another instrument rarely heard chamber music.
The music is influenced by the melodic forms and quaver rhythms of 1960's pop music, close harmonic writing, cluster chords and phasing techniques, all of which are so effective with saxophone ensembles.