Ian Stewart - composer musician

La meva ànima magnifica al Senyor

3 Soprano saxophones, organ/synthesizer
(5 minutes 30 seconds)

First performance: 9 September, 2010
St. John's Notting Hill
London - England

Flotilla Ensemble:
Kyle Horch - solo soprano saxophone
Naomi Sullivan - soprano saxophone
Andrew Tweed - alto saxophone
Alistair Parnell - synthesizer

La meva ànima magnifica al Senyor


La meva anima magnifica al Senyor is an adaptation, made especially for Flotilla, of an earlier vocal setting of the Magnificat text in Catalan.
In this version, the work presents a solo soprano saxophone over a simple synthsizer drone, rather like plainsong; the solo part is purposely set in the plangent low register of the soprano saxophone - the other two saxophones join in to enrich the melody, sometimes in unison, at other moments slightly out of phase.
The overall effect is one of timelessness, of reaching back in time to ancient Mediterranean music.