Ian Stewart - composer musician

Should Incidentally Fall

Saxophone Quartet
(soprano, alto, tenor, baritone)
(5 ½ minutes)

First concert performance - 26th October, 1996
Clarinet and Saxophone Society
Wakefield - England

First broadcast 16th November, 1996
B.B.C. Radio 3

Should Incidentally Fall


Programme notes
This music was commissioned for a combined dance performance by a community dance company and Random. The choreography by Filip Van Huffel and Shira Haviv, is typical of Random's style using ever changing dynamic clusters of movement creating a continuous flow of activity. The music reflects these qualities coming in and out of focus with the dance but the relationship between dance and music is never obvious. As with ballet composers earlier this century I believe the music must also stand alone as a concert work.
I am fascinated by accompaniment figures and find them interesting in their own right, using these as melodic material. This means foreground and background, themes and accompaniments, can interchange or be both simultaneously; a counter theme in one phrase will be the main theme in another.
The first performance took place in the large open foyer areas of the Barbican Centre, London, on 24th May, 1996; the music written for, and performed, by Saxploitation.