Ian Stewart


Soprano Saxophone Quintet

Soprano saxophone : 2 violins : viola : cello
(12 minutes)

First performance: December 1990
Almeida Theatre, London - England

John Harle and the Smith Quartet

First performance (revised version): 3rd June, 2001
The Stables, Wavendon - England

John Harle and the Brodsky Quartet

Programme Notes
In 1999 this work was substantially re-written, particularly the last movement. This version was performed by John Harle and the Brodsky Quartet in June, 2001.
John Harle, with the Smith Quartet, performed the original Soprano Saxophone Quintet in their inaugural concert at the Almeida Theatre, London; in December, 1990.
The idea behind this work was to create a unified ensemble sound as in traditional quintet writing, such as in the numerous piano and clarinet quintets. The work is in three contrasting movements.