Ian Stewart - composer musician

Productions of the Anvil

Soprano saxophone : prerecorded spoken : ambient sounds recorded in Birmingham
(14 minutes 15 seconds)

First performance (revised version): Friday, 17 May 2019
Conservatorio Rossini di Pesaro
Pesaro - Italy

Naomi Sullivan - soprano saxophone
Isobel Matthews - prerecorded spoken voice
Pre-recorded tape part mixed/mastered by Nick Sykes at Rooster Studios, London

Programme Notes:
The text to this work is taken from many original sources: two histories of Birmingham; 19th century novelists and poets either from Birmingham, or who lived there; 18th century documents relating to the building of the cut; a book about the city’s trams; interviews and posts on web forums; and from notices, posters, and other text found on walls around the city.
All sounds are from recordings made in Birmingham, including those heavily processed. The music is based entirely on one of the favourite hymns of prominent local novelist and essayist J. H. Shorthouse - And Now, O Father, Mindful of the Love; and the folksong - Dabbling In The Dew - from a collection of songs from the Black Country and Birmingham.