Ian Stewart


Ancient Memory of Diffracted Surf

Marimba : Violin : Cello
(approximately 10 minutes)

First performance - Friday, 13 July, 2012
St. John's Notting Hill
London - U.K.

Eri Kaishima - marimba
Guillem Calvo - violin
Sara Knieper - cello

Ancient Memory of Diffracted Surf

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Programme notes:
Although the marimba is a descendant of ancient instruments from Africa and the Americas, it produces a distinctly contemporary sound in European music. A trio of marimba, violin and cello is rare.
In this work the percussive, melodic and resonant qualities of the marimba are highlighted, playing melodic themes, continuo style bass lines and four mallet chords.
The overall effect of this work is to produce a sensation of timelessnes that I often sense on a deserted, Mediterranean coastline.