Ian Stewart


Electric Clouds

Alto saxophone : Violin : Piano
(11 minutes)

First performances:
Thursday, 23rd August 2007
Thurso High School

Saturday, 25th August 2007
Dornoch Cathedral

Auriga Ensemble
Carole Sutherland - alto saxophone
Laura Baxter - piano
Kirsty Orton - violin

Electric Clouds

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Programme notes:

The overriding influence on this work is late 60s' psychedelic music and there are hidden references to some classic recordings of that period. There are many rock influenced themes played in octaves, as well as a dreamy, spaced-out central section.
Much original psychedelic music was electronic but there was also the frequent use of the saxophone. Not only did Gong have a saxophone player but Terry Riley also played soprano saxophone, performing long, trance like pieces with an electronic delay system. The repeated A minor chord in the last section is a reference to one of my favourite songs by a well-known Manchester band.