Ian Stewart


Litanized To The Plane Tree

Alto flute : clarinet in A : Piano
(10 minutes)

First performance:
Monday, 21 October, 2013
Blackheath Halls, London - Prokofiev Festival 2013

Leto Ensemble
Klio Blonz - alto flute
Shelley Levy - clarinet in A
Pavel Timofejevsky - piano

Programme notes:

This work was written as an alto flute solo, an instrument I have always liked since I first heard it used by jazz arrangers. It is characterised by long melodic lines, cluster chords and two part harmony, there is a short section over a drone and freely played sections for solo clarinet and solo piano. The clarinet in A is used as it has a slightly darker tone which contrasts well with the alto flute.
There is also a Greek influence underlying the work. I was particluarly thinking of the view across the bay in Lassi, Kefalonia and Saint Gerasimos' cave with the attached small church, just outside the town.