Ian Stewart


Three Movements for Soprano Saxophone, Cello and Piano

Soprano saxophone : cello : electric piano
(12 minutes)

First performance:
Summer 1997
South Bank Centre
London - England

Kyle Horch - soprano saxophone
Kim Mackrell - Cello
Ian Stewart - electric piano

Programme notes: This work was composed in 1997 for two contemporary dance performances at the South Bank Centre, London.
The first movement is repetitive in style, and is characterised by pentatonic themes and piano cluster chords.
The second movement is redolent of Scottish music and may have been influenced by the music I heard when I lived in Scotland in my teens.
The third movement is influenced by Ibiza ambient/new age music that has been popular since the late 1980s. The quaver piano writing is very much part of that style.
This 3rd movement is also available as a separate work - Islas - for soprano saxophone and piano.
For more information go to: Islas